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Supporting people everywhere

People in every neighbourhood, city, town and village require care at home. No matter the area, region or location, there will always be people in communities of all sizes who are living at home that need reliable, compassionate care assistants. However, the circumstances in providing care for people will change. In rural areas, there might be a lot of travel involved and carers will need their own vehicles, while in towns and cities they might work in a relatively compact local areas where they can walk between care visits.

As a care assistant with City & County, there will be first-class, community-based supervisors on-hand to support and assist you wherever you work.


The most rewarding work

Why mention all of this? Well, it’s important that we don’t pretend that care work isn’t sometimes messy, upsetting and tiring – it is. But, it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can do.

As a care assistant, you have a unique opportunity to bring a ray of sunshine into the life of someone that may be isolated, lonely, in pain or distressed. You can bring peace of mind to family carers that, as much as they would like to, can’t always be there with their beloved mum, dad or grandparent. You can bring hope and inspiration or even just company, kind words and a cup of tea. And, at the end of hard day, you will sleep well knowing that you have made a real difference. That’s not a job – it’s a vocation.